• All services are provided by a general dentist
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Dental Clinic Calgary NW

Emergency Dental Care Calgary

A dental emergency can crop up at any time. A lot of people suffer from dental injuries and need dental treatment, but they do not visit their dentist in the hope that the symptoms disappear. Any sort of dental damage, pain or tooth ache negatively affects your dental health. It requires immediate attention and dental treatment. Chances are higher of saving teeth when they are addressed immediately rather than prolonging treatment.

At Expressions Dental™, our dentists provide variety of dental care on an emergency basis. While handling emergency cases, our dentists evaluate the condition of your mouth and implement techniques to help relieve your symptoms whether it is from toothaches, swollen gums or oral bleeding. We are accessible until 10 pm to take your calls. Call us at (403) 252 7733 to alleviate your dental problems.

Expressions Dental™

41 Crowfoot Rise NW
Calgary, AB T3G 4P5
Call: (403) 252 7733
Fax: 403-375-0873

Hours Of Operation

  • Monday : 7.45 AM - 5.15 PM
  • Tuesday : 6.45 AM - 5.15 PM
  • Wednesday : 7.45 AM - 8.15 PM
  • Thursday : 7.45 AM - 8.15 PM
  • Friday : 6.45 AM - 5.15 PM
  • Saturday : 7.45 AM - 3.45 PM
  • Sunday : By appointments only

All Dental services are provided by a General Dentist.