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Dental Clinic Calgary NW

Teeth Extraction Calgary

A tooth extraction is the process of removal of the tooth from the supporting structures in the mouth. A tooth may be extracted if it is extremely crooked, decayed or broken down. At Expressions Dental™, we perform minor dental surgeries. Our primary aim is to prevent tooth decay, cavities and provide you with a healthy smile. The dentists will examine the condition of your teeth and provide you with dental solutions to prevent toothache, decay and tooth extraction. When decay badly demolishes the tooth structure, and restoration treatments like fillings and crowns fail to restore deep cavities and damaged teeth, then it may be advisable to have the tooth extracted.

Plaque formation, bacteria and composition of bad food particles in the mouth may form non-repairable cavities that worsen the situation. Depending upon the condition of the mouth, our dentist may suggest extraction of several or all teeth and recommend dentures, bridges or implants.

Wisdom teeth and Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

Your mouth may also suffer from partial eruption of wisdom teeth or complete impaction of the wisdom teeth. This usually happens due to the lack of space in the mouth or the teeth not in an upright position. Impacted teeth fail to emerge at the exact position and become trapped in the jawbone and gums. This can lead to unexpected pain and may result in infections.

How we examine your dental health?

After reviewing your dental history and radiographs, if wisdom teeth are not found to be functional, our dentists may suggest early extraction to avoid further problems. Extraction procedures may create minor pain, swelling and bleeding. After surgery we may give prescriptions for medication to help control infection, swelling and discomfort. We also provide you instructions and tips to take care of yourself at home.

Numerous reasons lead to removal of teeth :

  • To help teeth grow at normal position and allow eruption of other upcoming teeth
  • To make space in mouth and straighten crowding by implementing orthodontic treatment
  • To stop the gum disease, tooth decay and infection that harshly affects teeth structure and bone
  • To control swelling, bleeding and infection due to partial eruption of wisdom teeth
  • To prevent formation of cyst and tumor in mouth
  • To prevent movement in front teeth due to impacted wisdom tooth

Types of tooth extraction

  • Simple tooth extraction:In this process teeth can be easily accessed using local anesthesia. We use elevators and forceps to grab the visible portion of teeth and move it further to expand the hole, where a tooth is lodged. Once the hole gets widened adequately, the tooth can be removed easily.
  • Surgical tooth extraction: Surgical removal of teeth is bit complex. Teeth which have broken down underneath the gum line and partially erupted cannot be seen and accessed easily. After adequate local anesthesia, the soft tissues and bone are cut to reach the teeth. A special drill is used to remove the adjacent bone tissues. To make the removal process easier, the tooth may need to be split into pieces. Sedation can be provided for nervous and anxious patients (consult is required first).
  • Alternatives to tooth extraction While examining the condition of the tooth in question, our dentists may suggest alternative treatments. The tooth may be able to be saved with a simple restoration or may need to have a root canal treatment and crown or other type of treatment.

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All Dental services are provided by a General Dentist.